Modality @Ottawa U conference schedule

The conference will take place in the Simard Building (SMD) at the University of Ottawa. Information about the building here:

Friday April 20

Registration 8.30 - 9 (Simard 125)

Talks: Simard 129

Chair: Michela Ippolito (University of Toronto)
Aynat Rubinstein, Dan Simonson, Joo Chung, Hillary Harner, Graham Katz and Paul Portner (Georgetown University)
Developing a methodology for modality-type annotations on a large scale

9.30 – 10
Remus Gergel (Tubingen University)
New looks at Old English Modals

10– 10.30
Igor Yanovich (MIT)
Modal hopes and fears: a diachronic case study

10.30 – 11
Tyler Peterson (Leiden University)
Root modality and the ordering source in Gitksan

break 11 – 11.30

Chair: Ana Arregui (University of Ottawa)
11.30 – 12
Mira Grubic and Anne Mucha (Postdam University)
Explaining the modal readings of Hausa sai (= “only”)

12 – 1 Invited talk
Lisa Matthewson (co-authored with Hotze Rullmann, University of British Columbia)
Epistemic modality with a past temporal perspective

lunch 1 – 2.30

Chair: Hotze Rullmann (University of British Columbia)
2.30 – 3
Bridget Copley (CNRS/Paris 8)
Wanting good cheese and acting to get it: Anankastic conditionals and intent

3 – 3.30
Ilaria Frana (Göttingen University )
Adnominal conditionals and modal NPs

3.30 – 4
Luis Alonso Ovalle and Junko Shimoyama (McGill University)
Modality in the nominal domain: exploring Japanese wh-ka indeterminates

Luis Alonso Ovalle and Paula Menéndez-Benito (McGill University and Göttingen University)
Indifference and modality: the case of Spanish uno cualquier

break 4.30- 5

Chair: Andrés Salanova (University of Ottawa)
5 – 5.30
Aynat Rubinstein (Georgetown University)
Straddling the line between attitude verbs and necessity modals

5.30 – 6.30 invited talk
Sabine Iatridou, MIT
Modals and negation


Saturday April 21

Talks in Simard 129

Chair: María Biezma (Carleton University)
Camelia Constantinescu, Jenny Doetjes and Johan Rooryck (Leiden University)
How syntactic categories restrict the modal base

9.30 – 10
Fabienne Martin and Florian Schäfer (Stuttgart University )
The modality of offer and other prospective causative verbs

Posters 10- 12 (with coffee in Simard 125)

Chair: María Luisa Rivero (University of Ottawa)
12. – 1 invited talk
Angelika Kratzer (UMass)
Modals as building blocks for attitude ascriptions

lunch 1 – 2.30

Chair: Robert Truswell (University of Ottawa)
2.30 – 3
Ashwini Deo (Yale University)
Settling the future: aspectual marking and performative effects in Marathi

3 – 3.30
Bronwyn Bjorkman and Claire Halpert (Northeastern University and MIT)
In an imperfect world: deriving the typology of counterfactual marking

3.30 – 4

Peter Klecha (University of Chicago)
Modals are, like various other expressions, subject to imprecision

Ana Arregui, María Luisa Rivero and Andrés Salanova (University of Ottawa)
Variation in imperfectives

Farewell coffee 

Posters Session:

David-Etienne Bouchard (McGill University)
Opinion verbs are not opaque

Sihwei Chen (University of British Columbia)
The temporal interpretation of modals in Mandarin Chinese

Rebecca Laturnus (University of British Columbia)
Future modals in Ktunaxa

Jozina van der Klok (McGill University)
Towards a semantic typology of modality: evidence from Paciran Javanese

Marleen van der Vate (ZAS)
Future interpretations in Saamaka: tense or modality?

Lavi Wolf (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Epistemic modals, truth conditions and speech acts